Virginia Region of the NSS

The Virginia Region of the National Speleological Society consists of 40+ local caving groups in and around Virginia and surrounding states. We promote the study and science of speleology, explore and maps caves, protect and conserve caves, manage limited access caves, and generally promote safe caving throughout the region, and promote fellowship and cooperation among all Regional cavers and organizations.

Web Site Under Construction - Please Pardon Our Dust!

Due to changes in the NSS web servers, this VAR website has been moved to a new server and is being completely revamped. Most of the content is back, but the forms are still missing, and there are surely plenty of broken links yet. Please bear with us. The whole site will be functional soon. If your grotto's website URL has changed because of the NSS server move, please contact the webmaster (mcjames_verizon_net) so we can update your listing.

Fall VAR, Oct 21-22, 2022, RASS Field Station, Millboro, VA

The Fall 2022 VAR will be hosted by the VPI Student Grotto at the RASS field lstation near Millboro, VA. Pre-regisitration is open until Ocotober 15. Download the Registration Form now and mail it in by October 8 to ensure it arrives on time. On-line registration is also now open, but the fees are slightly higher to cover the processing costs. On-line registration will be open until October 15. VPI is seeking voluteers to help with the event. Contact Nick Socky if you are available.

VAR Sinkhole Cleanout, October 1, 2022, near Leesburg, VA

The VAR Conservation Committee wants to thank everyone who came out and helped! We cleaned out three large sinkholes.

2020/2023 NSS Convention

The 2020 NSS Convention in Elkins, WV had to be changed to all-virtual only because of COVID (recorded presentations are all still available on the NSS web site in case you missed it), but the the convention will return in-person to Elkins in 2023.

Need a Program for your Grotto's Virtual Meeting?

Since most grottoes are still having virtual meetings, video programs can be a challenge due to bandwidth limitations. Several VAR members have been active converting the old NSS slide shows to PowerPoint and PDF format. Twenty-nine programs have already been converted, with more on the way. Feel free to download and use for your grotto's meeting! There is no rental charge, as there was with the physical slides.

Photo Banner Credits

A huge Thank You to Nikki Fox for kindly providing the VAR caving images used in our rotating header!!!