The Virginia Region of the National Speleological Society consists of 40+ local caving groups in and around Virginia and surrounding states. We promote the study and science of speleology, explore and maps caves, protect and conserve caves, manage limited access caves, and generally promote safe caving throughout the region, and promote fellowship and cooperation among all Regional cavers and organizations.

Cave Gate Help Needed!

Over the last 2 weeks of October, a bat friendly gate will be installed on Peery Saltpetre Cave, located west of Buchanan in Botetourt County, VA. The actual gate will be built the week of October 24, under the direction of Crash Kennedy.

October 19-21, this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we could use help moving steel to the gate site from the unloading area. We'll be using a UTV, but will need folks to assist in loading, unloading, and guiding. Most pieces were are moving are 20' long and weigh 200 pounds. Ideally, I'd like 3-4 folks of folks at the loading end and 3-4 at the unloading end.

If you are available to help, please contact Wil Orndorff [dyetracer at gmail] as soon as possible.