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If you have attended a Spring or Fall VAR in the last year, you have been automatically subscribed and do not need to do so again!

Individuals may receive the Region Record, the newsletter of the Virginia Region of the NSS, either by regularly attending Spring or Fall VAR (regional meetings) and paying registration fees; or through subscription. Subscriptions are $3.00 per year and may be prepaid for up to three years. Checks should be made payable to VAR and sent to the circulation manager. You do not have to be an NSS member to receive the Record.

Complementary copies are sent to all grottos in the Region and to other groups with which the Region exchanges newsletters. In addition, newcomers to the Region will receive one or two complementary copies.

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Please make checks payable to VAR and send to:
John Fox, P.O. Box 3056, Radford, VA 24143-3056

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