The annual VAR Outstanding Service Award is given out each Fall VAR to cavers within the Virginia Region who deserve special recognition for their long-time service to the Region. Nominees should have contributed to the Region over multiple years through hosting events, developing caver owner relationships benefitting the Region, enrollment in Region Projects, fostering the development of new cavers, significant Region Cave Conservation Projects, Conservation, or Education related to the Region. This should be done in a volunteer, not payed mode.

Please submit your suggestion for the VAR Outstanding Service Award. When you nominate someone, please put in a decent paragraph or two as to why that person deserves recognition. Generally the nominees should be cavers in the Region who have contributed to the Region over the years through cave exploration, survey, administration, whatever.

There are many worthwhile cavers in the Region, folks who give tirelessly and without expectation of personal gain. We cannot, unfortunately, recognize them all. But we can sure try! We do have a maximum of three awards to be given out each year. We do not have to give out any if none of you write to me to let me know who should be considered. Include your e-mail address along with your suggestion and supporting write-up. Send nominations to J. C. Fisher (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or use our on-line nomination form. The deadline for future VAR Award Nominations will be two months before the next Fall VAR.

The recipients to date:

< 1999 (Prior to 2001, these awards were given out sporadically, if at all, and our records are incomplete. If you know who received this award prior to 1999, please contact J. C. Fisher (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).)
1999 Bob Hoke
2001 Evelyn Bradshaw, Bob Handley, Jim Hixson
2002 Miles Drake, Fred Grady, and Phil Lucas
2003 Don Anderson and Andy Reeder
2004 Craig Hindman, Carol Tiderman, John Holsinger, George Dasher, and Chuck Hempel
2005 Jim McConkey, John Fox, and Bob Bennett
2006 Dave Socky, Mary Sue Socky, and Karen Kastning
2007 Judy and J.C. Fisher, Alex Sproul, and Janet Tinkham
2008 Bill Biggers, Annie Whittemore, and Whitt Whittemore
2009 Bill Royster, John Pearson, Bob Thren
2010 Ellie Florance, Charlie Maus
2011 Rick Lambert, Marian McConnell
2012 Eric Berge, Meredith Hall Weberg
2015 Walt Pirie
2017 Earl and Cheryl Suitor
2018 Carl Amundson, Jerry Bowen, Tommy Carpenter
2019 Tom Griffin, Gretchen "Red" Schock, Charles Kahn
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