The VAR Landowner Recognition Award was established in 1992 to formally recognize landowners who have been particularly friendly and/or supportive of cavers over the years.

If you know a cave owner who should be honored, please contact Janet Tinkham at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or use our on-line nomination form.

The recipients to date:

1992 Buddy Penley Penley's Don Anderson, VAR
1993 Rhoda Paxton Paxton's RASS, M. Bracey, T. Andrus
1993 Ruth Propst Sinnett-Thorn Mt. Western MD Grotto, B. Meyer
1994 George and Lee Sively Organ Paul and Lee Stevens
1994 Robert E. Bright Simmons-Mingo PSC
1994 Gene Turner Buckeye Creek WVACS
1995 Charlie L. Simmons Porter's RASS
1995 Priscilla Teter Mystic Cave Monongahela Grotto
1995 John Knutti Bowden's Cave Monongahela Grotto
1995 Mothes Family Friars Hole System R. Jameson, L.Baker-Devine
1996 Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Rogers Norman ent. Bone-Norman System DC Grotto, WVACS
1996 Bill, Mildred, Judy Showalter Cave Hollow, Arbogast Craig Hindman, Carol Tiderman
1997 Cecil Porterfield Pig Hole NRVG, VPICC
1997 Andy Graham Graham's Cave Rockbridge Cty Cave Survey
1997 Connie Hausman Dixie Carvens BRG
1997 Geraldine Freeman McClung's WVACS
1997 Mrs. Clark Clarks, Saltpetre Cave Battlefield Area Trog. Society
1998 Kent Ford Witheros VSS
1998 Joe Lockridge Breathing Cave Sonja Ostrander, Tom Spina
1998 Bob Brooks Cross Roads Cave Ted Andrus
1998 Maurice Williams Whitings Neck Cave Tri-State Grotto
1998 Ted Monger Jones Quarry Cave Tri-State Grotto, Art Hanson
1999 Price Family Starnes et al NRVG, VPICC, BRG
1999 Richard and Frances Latterell Moler's Cave Frederick Grotto (Terry Welsh)
2000 The Ferrell Family James Cave, et al NRVG, BRG, VPICC
2001 The Combs Family Dyer's cave Tri-State Grotto
2001 Pat and Mike Dore Scott Hollow Baltimore Grotto
2001 Dave Mallow Mill Run Cave Carol Tiderman
2001 Robert Wyly Siler's Cave Sligo Grotto, Jim McConkey
2002 Dr. Webb Giant Caverns NRVG
2002 Upper Valley Reg. Park Authority Grand Caverns NRVG
2004 Charles Cassell Cassell Cave Gangsta Mappers
2005 Mr. and Mrs. JC Links Tawneys Cave NRVG, VPI
2005 John Mooney & Helen Baker Higginbotham Cave John Pearson, WVCC
2006 Steve Silverberg Lost World Caverns WVCC, Bubble Cave
2007 John and Christine Shiflet Glade Cave ???
2007 Mike Newsome Links Cave ???
2008 Pat MacNamarra Blue Springs Cave Charlottesville & Blue Ridge Grottoes
2008 Mark Burke Alpena Cave ???
2012 Dan & Marian McConnell Catawba Murter HoleCave Blue Ridge Grotto
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