Over the past several years, Tri-State caver Jerry Bowen has been painstakingly compiling an index to the SpeleoDigest of all VAR-related caves and prominent cavers. This is a tremendous resource to anyone doing cave-related research in the Region, and we cannot thank Jerry enough for his efforts!

SpeleoDigests are compilations of the best articles from Grotto newsletters, published on a more-or-less yearly basis up until 2003. Due to the rise of digital publishing of Grotto newsletters, the NSS dropped the digesting project officially in 2014, after almost a decade of inactivity. NSS members can access digitial copies of the most recent SpeleoDigests at the NSS Digital Archives (login required). Older editions will be posted as they are scanned and processed.

Download the VAR SpeleoDigest Index now, and please give Jerry a caver bevarage and a pat on the back at VAR!

On-Screeen Version (2 MB)

Hi-Res Printable Version (39 MB)


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